$35M invested in expansion of greenhouses on basalt substrate

greenhouses on basalt substrate on stone wool
Credit: Bushel Boy

Climate change, invasion of pests and diseases carry risks for growing plant products in the open field. And the change of seasons does not allow year-round cultivation of vegetables in most regions.

Since 1990 Bushel Boy Farms has been growing and supplying tomatoes from its own greenhouse facilities. The greenhouse area where tomatoes mature under strictly controlled conditions is constantly expanding.

In September 2019 the producer opened a new 50 acre facility with a goal to increase production by 50% and consistently supply tomatoes throughout the year.

In addition, the company built 4.5-acre greenhouse dedicated to research in cucumbers, peppers and strawberries. Bushel Boy invested $ 35 million in facility expansion.

The company offers to make a small video tour around еру greenhouse:

One more benefit of growing agricultural products in a controlled environment is a significant reduction in water consumption. The stone wool substrate gets saturated with an aqueous solution that contains substances necessary for growing plants, the rest of the water is discharged into a closed system and reused.

Since the basalt substrate is sterile, the plants in the greenhouse are protected from pathogens that spread easily in the open ground. Dutch scientists, for example, have successfully tested the ability to protect bananas from Fusarium wilt, growing them on a stone wool substrate in an experimental greenhouse.


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