3D winding process to be used in aerospace industry

Компания АМС разработала технологию 3D-намотки непрерывным базальтовым, углеродным и стеклянным волокном
Источник: automotive-management-consulting.com

АМС, a developer of 3D winding process using continuous basalt, carbon and glass fibers, and GRADEL have entered into the agreement on cooperation in the aerospace industry.

Gradel (Luxembourg), a well-known solutions provider for production sector, nuclear power generation and aerospace, partnered with Automotive Management Consulting (Germany) to develop and improve xFK in 3D process for the aerospace sector.

Claus Bayreuther, a spokesman from AMC, who initiated the cooperation, states:

This cooperation will give much benefit to our motorsport and aviation partners, automotive and sporting goods customers as well as to all other xFK in 3D stakeholders equally.

Automotive Management Consulting (AMC) developed and patented innovative 3D winding process called xFK in 3D to produce lightweight, complex-shaped structures optimized for load-carrying capability.

During 3D winding process pre-impregnated continuous basalt, carbon, glass and other fibers are wound on tubes and cylinders.

Credit: automotive-management-consulting.com

The material tensile force, layout and thickness in various points of the structure can vary according to the specified functions and expected loads on individual component parts.

This process has an advantage in producing lightweight, three-dimensional products with high physical, mechanical and geometric parameters. In addition, this is a zero-waste and eco-friendly process.

Developed for the automotive industry, xFK in 3D process attracted the specialists from various industries, as a promising and relevant technology.

Basalt fiber is a natural eco-friendly product with excellent properties that can be used in various processes and materials. At the Techtextil and Texprocess 2019 different producers showcased their products and solutions based on basalt fiber.


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