Anisoprint enters UK market with continuous fiber 3D printing technology

Anisoprint technology for manufacturing products using composite continuous fiber 3D printing process.
Credit: Anisoprint

To introduce its solutions to the UK’s market Anisoprint has partnered with global reseller iMakr.

Anisoprint has developed an innovative technology for manufacturing products using composite continuous fiber 3D printing process. The company’s product portfolio includes Anisoprint Aura software, 3D-printer Composer and the 3D-printing materials, including Composite Carbon Fiber and Composite Basalt Fiber.

Composite fiber is produced through composite fiber coextrusion technology (CFC) when the printing process is performed using plastic yarn reinforced with continuous fiber.

Also, Anisoprint patented technological process for fabricating two-matrix composite, when continuous fibers pre-impregnated with a thermoset binder then are used for 3D printing using a thermoplastic matrix. Further information about the company’s projects is available in the interview with Anisoprint’s CEO Fedor Antonov.

The experts from iMakr (London) highly appreciated the capacity of Anisoprint’s solutions. This is an important signal because iMakr is well-known worldwide as a supplier of innovative 3D printing solutions.

3D innovation is at the heart of every product we offer at iMakr, so the fibre co-extrusion technology that drives the Anisoprint Composer was something we absolutely had to test. Needless to say, we were impressed. We believe Anisoprint’s approach to fibre 3D printing on the desktop is superior to anything else we’ve seen on the market, let alone with this large print size.

commented Eric Savant, CEO of iMakr.

Schunk Carbon Technology, a branch of German Schunk Group, has applied Anizoprint’s 3D printers, materials and software.



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