Anisoprint wins the Gold prize at JEC Asia 2019: Startup Booster

Anisoprint wins the Gold prize at JEC Asia 2019: Startup Booster

JEC Asia 2019 revealed finalists of composite startup competition Startup Booster.

The second round of the leading startup competition in the world of composite, tailored to find and assess the best innovations, JEC Startup Booster, was held at the venue of the JEC Asia 2019 in Seoul. The jury recognized Anisoprint’s solution to be the best among all the contestants.

Anisoprint offered a proprietary technology for continuous fiber 3D printing (continuous basalt or carbon composite fiber) called Composite Fiber Co-extrusion. The company has developed a technology, 3D printer, materials and software. The products are produced from continuous fiber reinforced polymer materials. This results in high strength, stiffness and light weight.

The competition received 67 applications with 10 finalists shortlisted by the international jury. Each team nominated a spokesperson who had 5 minutes to pitch their projects.

The jury recognized three winners who received gold, silver and bronze awards from JEC Group organizers.

The first round of the competition was held in the USA where three winners were nominated. The final round takes place during the JEC World 2020, March 3 to 5, 2020 in Paris.

This year Anisoprint has already won leading international exhibition of additive technologies TCT Award 2019.

Translated by Olga Yurchenko


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