Basalt fiber composites to get greater implementation in automotive industry

basalt fiber composites in automotive, basalt fiber in automotive
Credit: Рixabay

The USA-located Mafic USA и the Materials Group have announced alliance to combine efforts and expertise for greater implementation of basalt fiber compounded into injection molded thermoplastics within the automotive industry.

Chopped and continuous basalt fiber ensure high mechanical properties to the components based on thermoplastic matrix, produced by injection molding process. Specifically, that refers to the improved tensile, flexural, and impact properties. Basalt fiber is perfect when exposed to aggressive environment and extreme temperatures.

Basalt fiber can be blended with other fibers providing optimum product properties. The production and processing of basalt fiber is less energy consuming leading to more eco-friendly basalt fiber reinforced products.

The manufacturers believe that basalt fiber composites with thermoplastic matrix used within the automotive industry offer a balance of weight, mechanical properties, cost, and sustainability.

The similar solutions are being considered in Europe for a research project C2CC (Cradle-to-Cradle Composites). Alpha Sigma, a start-up from Germany applied basalt fiber reinforced plastic with epoxy matrix to design an interior and exterior for various types of automobiles.

Mafic started operations at their new basalt fiber production facility in Shelby, North Carolina (US) in 2020.

The Materials Group (TMG) with a headquarter in Rockford (US, Michigan) produces and supplies thermoplastic composites to the automotive and other industries. It has positioned itself as a market leader in sustainable plastics.


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