Basalt thermal insulation plant set to be constructed in Ukraine’s Donetsk region

Basalt thermal insulation plant set to be constructed

Basalt thermal insulation plant is supposed to be located in the Limansky Industrial Park.

The project for establishing a basalt thermal insulation plant was presented at the International Investment Forum ‘RE: think. Invest in Ukraine’ held in a city of Mariupol (Ukraine).

The company will deploy its production operations at the Limansky Industrial Park located in a city of Liman, Donetsk region. The planned production capacity is 30 thousand tons per year.

The net present discounted value is $ 24.8 million, while the amount of investment is supposed to get $ 30-50 million, depending on the business project. The plant is expected to reach the payback point within 3 years.

For the region, establishing the basalt thermal insulation production facility will give impetus for the development of local building materials market and creation of more than 135 jobs.

Preparation are now being made to launch the Limansky Industrial Park. A land plot of 27.5 hectares was allocated, a few memoranda of cooperation were signed, the concept of the Industrial Park was developed and approved. On November 6, 2019, a management company will be selected.

The Limansky Industrial park is focused on the industrial production of building and heat-insulating materials and components for alternative energy machinery.

Recently the seminar on composites in wind energy was held in Ukraine. It drew much attention to basalt composites as a material for wind turbine blades components.

Translated by Olga Yurchenko


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