Belarus resumes production of continuous basalt fiber and basalt-fiber products

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Polotsk-Steklovolokno JSC announced readiness to resume the production of basalt fiber and basalt fiber based products.

  • chopped basalt fiber;
  • staple basalt fiber;
  • basalt fabrics;
  • basalt filaments;
  • basalt mesh;
  • basalt roving (direct, assembled).

In 2015 the company commissioned a basalt fiber manufacturing line, but later it was converted for the silica fiber manufacturing.

Nevertheless, basalt-fiber based products are proved to be in high demand on the market, filling a niche due to specific properties: chemical, corrosion resistance and durability.

The construction industry evinced a particular interest in the basalt fiber. The analytical reports claim the construction and infrastructure are expected to be the main end-users markets with 35% market share in the period until 2025.

This project has raised about $ 500 K, this said the capacity of the new continuous basalt fiber facility will be 500 tons / year.

This is a small percent if you look at the total production volume, which is 57 thousand tons / year. It is more important to have an opportunity to expand our product ranges. For example, we have already produced 40 different basalt-fiber based product ranges,

says Roman Bliznev, the chief engineer of Polotsk-Steklovoloko JSC to BelTA newspaper.



  1. Owner of Basalt rock mining consation with deposit 200 million location in Indonesia ton looking for join venture partner big potential for automobile industry, and construction we look forward to your reply soon Best regurds h. Khan

    • Dear Abbas,
      We are the Polish company Innovation Basalt Technology sp.z.o.o and we are organizing the basalt fiber production facility here in Poland. With pleasure we will have the conversation with you via e-mail Please feel free to send us your inquiry.
      My best
      Dmytro Voronov

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