Belarus set to make cost benefit analysis of Novodvorsky basalt deposit development

basalt reservoir in Belorus, Novodvorsky basalt deposit, Pinsk deposit
Credit: Pixabay

According to preliminary estimates, basalt reserves in the Pinsk area are 10 million tons at least.

During the press conference Andrei Khudyk, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus, said that the exploration of the Novodvorsky basalt deposit in the Pinsk district of Belarus is progressing.

Discovered in 2016-2017, the basalt and tuff deposits are located at a depth of 46 to 60 meters and occupy an area of about 2 kilometers. The thickness of the basalt reservoir varies in the range of 7.6-30 meters. The total reserves of saponite-containing tuffs and basalts were estimated at about 204 million tons.

The current 2020 saw the completion of the field activities and groundwater survey of the deposit. Furthermore, an analysis of industrial significance is being prepared, on the basis of which a feasibility study for the processing and development enterprise will be drawn up.

The main goal is to use Belarusian basalt for the manufacture of basalt fiber and composites. So far, raw materials have been imported from Ukraine in amount close to $ 1.2 million per year. If the analysis demonstrates an acceptable outcome, further exploration will be carried out in Ivanovo and Drogichin districts of the Brest region, where there are prerequisites for the discovery of basalt deposits.

Such properties of basalt composites as durability, thermal stability, non-conductivity, wear resistance and resistance to aggressive media open up serious prospects for their application in a number of industries. According to the forecasts, the global basalt fiber market size will exceed $400 million by 2025.


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