Chinese province is taking a big leap in basalt fiber production

Chinese province is taking a big leap in basalt fiber production

Guang’an City is determined to make breakthroughs in the standardization and industrialization of basalt fiber by 2022.

They are expected to ensure advances in all the production chain enabling basalt fiber output to reach 5 billion yuan by that time.

However, Guang’an City is not going to dwell on that and the second step they are planning to take is basalt fiber industry cluster, which is supposed to have been basically formed by 2025. The cluster will rely on the partners, including economic development zones, China Academy of Engineering, CITIC Group, Tsinghua University etc.

Rich basalt deposits in Guang’an have a potential to turn it into the center of basalt fiber and basalt composites production in Sichuan province, the Guang’an Municipal Government Office believe, and make it a showcase of innovation in the Chinese high-tech fiber industry.

Basalt fiber has been widely used in reinforced composite materials, friction materials, thermal insulation, shipbuilding and automotive industries, high-temperature filters and protective fabrics and has wide development potential.

Special attention will be paid to investments in all the production chain to ensure its harmonious development. It is expected to enhance the capacity of technical and scientific research and consequently speed up the innovative solutions in the basalt fiber sector. The annual output value is scheduled to reach more than 10 billion yuan.

The report called the “Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Basalt Fiber New Material Industry” clarify measures to achieve the expected result:

  • build basalt composite material production and research base,
  • staff education and talent training,
  • construction of innovative platforms,
  • continuously develop market applications of basalt fiber and composite materials,
  • encourage leading enterprises to take the lead in formulating enterprise standards,
  • strengthen the promotion and application,
  • incorporate them into the government procurement catalogue.

China is extensively developing the basalt fiber industry and Chinese companies are already among the market leaders. As you can see, the Chinese manufacturers are not going to stop on the way.