Composites and renewable energy seminar was held in Ukraine

Composites and renewable energy seminar in Ukraine

Organized by High Peak Courses, British Government Registered Learning Provider, the event has attracted the interest of the state, academic and industrial circles.

The seminar was held in the DAKS Training Academy and was the first dedicated to structural composite materials in the wind power sector. It took place in a city of Chernomorsk where composite blades for wind turbines with a capacity of 1-3 kW have already been produced.

The event became a meeting place for the representatives of government agencies, organizations, enterprises and individuals that are interested in the development of wind power sector, aerospace, shipbuilding, transport industries and composite materials including basalt fiber based.

The organizer of the event, Professor Warren Leigh (High Peak Courses, UK) presented the development of low cost structural composite wind turbine blades.

The participants demonstrated and discussed the design, analysis, manufacture, testing methods and successful field trials used to create and validate the all-composite wind turbine blades which were manufactured in a small workshop in close-by Odessa (Ukraine).

Composites and renewable energy seminar
Dr. Warren Leigh (High Peak Courses), Graeme Berry (Siemens Engineering), Yulia (Direсtor of DAKS Training School)

Dr. Leigh has told Basalt World:

The seminar was held at short notice but I was delighted at the high level of academic and industrial attendees. Ukraine is one of the great pioneers of Basalt material and an important source of Basalt fibres.

Professor Leigh also says that he regularly contacts with representatives of scientific and industrial circles and holds discussions and consultations with Ukrainian manufacturers of basalt fiber based composite materials.

I have been doing some preliminary research using Basalt fabric and fibres in the North East of England earlier this year. We hope soon to be in a position to apply for British Government funding for feasibility studies on composite products made from Basalt fibres.

says professor.

In addition, the niche power composite wind turbine that was manufactured in Odessa and was partly financed by Innovate UK (British Governments research funding organisation) has been on field trials since 2013 and has survived them very well, says the professor.

We hope the events of this kind will be held on a regular basis contributing to the increasing implementation of composite materials and the development of the basalt fiber sector in Ukraine.


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