Continuous basalt fiber and composites to be manufactured in Poland

Continuous basalt fiber and composites to be manufactured in Poland

Poland-based Polski Baza SA is set to manufacture continuous basalt fiber and composites from local raw materials.

The project “Development of continuous lamination process for a wide range of thermoplastic materials with a special focus on inorganic fibers, in particular continuous basalt fibers” is being implemented under the Szybka Ścieżka program with the support of the National Center for Research and Development.

Within the project, continuous basalt fiber and thermoplastic matrix based composites — laminates and reinforcing bars — were previously produced on a laboratory scale. They demonstrated high mechanical strength, as well as wear resistance in high aggressive media: acid, alkaline and saturated salt solutions.

At present, a pilot line with a specially designed modern furnace for melting various natural rocks, mainly basalt, and an advanced system for extrusion of continuous basalt fibers is nearing completion.

The innovative technology developed by the company includes waste-heat recovery, which consists in the full use of the temperature generated by the furnace for drying and heating of raw materials.

In addition, while preparing raw materials, the producer is going to organize a closed circulation of water in order to mitigate adverse effect on the environment. They are poised to leverage rocks occurring in Poland as a raw material and platinum-rhodium feeders from a Polish supplier.

Our project offers huge potential for Poland’s economy and development and will allow us to introduce many new products having exceptional benefits in the European and world markets that could be used in such industries as automotive (electric cars), construction and energy, aviation, defense etc.

comments the spokesperson.

Furthermore, while developing technologies, the producer pays a lot of attention to the environmental protection, capability of manufacturing innovative products with improved properties that are parallel with the principles of sustainable development, zero-waste, as well as reducing production costs and energy consumption.

Natural materials and modern technologies applied in the production operations must lead to recyclable wastes and closed-loop production. Currently, this issue is under consideration in the EU and a project for developing recyclable basalt plastic for the automotive industry is underway.

Translated by Olga Yurchenko


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