Eco-free Niche snowboards awarded for quality

Eco-free Niche snowboards awarded for quality

Fully recyclable Niche snowboards received high ratings and 2018 Good Wood Awards.

Snowboard performance and specifications are the key factors that the jury relied on while deciding the winner of the 19th annual Good Wood Award established by the most reputable and longest-running international magazine, Transworld Snowboarding.

Two board were highly ranked by the professional testers who recognized Niche snowboards as the best for skiing in specific conditions and styles.

In a category Best Men’s Park Snowboards that is the best snowboard for freestyle, fully recyclable Niche Theme came in first.

Eco-friendly Niche Story is the winner of the category of cross-functional snowboards -Best Men’s All Mountain Snowboards.

The team working for Niche Snowboards  is trying to change our attitude towards materials and their environmental impact in collaboration with Connora Technology and Entropy Resins. The company’s goal was to design high performance boards, the components of which and industrial wastes can be fully recycled at the end of the life cycle.

They use Snappy Sap bio-resin and Recyclamine resin system able to be fully recycled. Snowboard core is made of wood reinforced with basalt fiber stringers Magma Fiber ™.

The company opted basalt fiber due to the following advantages:

  • Basalt is also 100% inert, which means it has no toxic reaction with air or water, and is noncombustible.
  • And basalt is much easier to recycle than glass.
  • Tensile strength is 15-20% higher than regular fiberglass. This means better impact absorption, strength, and elasticity.
  • Because basalt has a greater strength to weight ratio, less is needed to produce a snowboard. And less material means a lighter board.
  • Basalt does not absorb water. So if the snowboard surface is damaged during the ride, your board will not absorb water and delaminate!

Thus, Niche team came to its goal – the creation of a waste-free cradle-to-cradle production, and proved it may not have any impact on the quality of the final product.

Coming back to the Good Wood Awards, I would like to mention  another snowboard among the winners, which uses basalt fiber – Rossignol Diva LF.

This well-known company successfully incorporates basalt fiber in its products: skis, snowboards, clothing (Atelier Course Jkt jacket won gold in the ISPO Award 2017  in the category “Skiing Products”) and mountain bikes Alpe d’Huez 21 from Time Sport International.


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