ECOBOARD project: in the struggle for eco-friendly surfboards

ECOBOARD project: in the struggle for eco-friendly surfboards

ECOBOARD project leverages scientifically sound and transparent criteria to evaluate the materials and processes used to build surfboards.

Surfers love and protect water reservoirs where they find a perfect place to unwind and get a lot of breathtaking impressions. But the technological processes of building boards for surfing (windsurfing, kitesurfing or puddle boards) do not always contribute to the environment protection and maintenance of world ocean quality.

In 2012 SustainableSurf organisation that has a goal of shifting the surf-culture and surf-industry to sustainable materials and technologies, launched ECOBOARD project. In 2013 the initiative was officially endorsed by SIMA (Surf Industry Manufacturers Association).

The project key goal is to draw public attention to environmental issues and encourage manufacturers and consumers of surfing products to choose the options providing the least impact on the environment.

Eco-sufboads meet the following standards:

  • Quality that is not inferior to those industrially made
  • Easy-to-produce – they should be introduced to mass production easily.
  • Environmental benefits – materials and processes with significantly reduced impact on the environment

The ECOBOARD Resource Guide is based on the Lifecycle Study of eco-friendly surfboards and conducted in partnership with leading manufacturers.

Resins should be plant-based epoxies, cores – made from organic materials, fabrics – from natural plant or basalt fibers.

In addition, special attention is paid to energy efficiency and ways to reduce and recycle wastes.

Basalt fiber increasingly gets into materials of choice for marine application since it is corrosion resistant, easy-to-recycle and offers good performance. Even such major yacht builders as Amer Yachts plan to switch from fiberglass to basalt fiber owing to its sustainability.

Translated by Olga Yurchenko


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