Electric boat built with sustainable materials in Great Britain

rigid-inflatable boat, sustainable materials, green technologies
Credit: rselectricboats.com

Britain-based RS Electric Boats (RS Sailing’s sister company) built and introduced to the market a new sustainable development – an electric-driven boat with a rigid hull and Inflatable components.

The boat was first presented at the Boot Dusseldorf 2020, the leading international yacht show. Every component of Pulse58 (that is 5.8 m long) is worth attention.

A 57Kwh battery bank is stored in the underfloor structural case and delivers up to 104v to the ground-breaking RAD drive propulsion unit. That allows the boat to accelerate over 20knots and to cover 35 nautical miles at least.

According to the developers, the battery is expected to last for a day’s use under normal rigid-inflatable boats (RIB) usage and distances. The electronic management system controls all aspects of the drive, motor control and battery conditioning and also controls the electric drive tilt mechanism that lifts the RAD drive into the transom in shallow water.

PULSE58’s hull has been purposely designed with all the features in mind for the right position of the battery and electric drive. This provides a stable and maneuverable platform at speed.

The hull comprises of basalt and flax fibers, recycled PET core material and bio-based infused epoxy resin. The company claims it is one of the most sustainable laminates of any RIB in the sector.

Owing to the properties of the material used to design the laminate, it suits for the most extreme environments, lightweight and long lasting.Basalt fiber is especially attractive for the manufacturers of products for the marine industry.

Lightweight, durable, corrosion and aggressive media resistant basalt fibers are used as component of fiber-reinforced concrete for offshore wind power stations, exclusive watches, water surface vehicles and, naturally, ship hulls of various types.

Catamaran Windelo is based on basalt fiber, Amer Yachts is set to make the switch for basalt fiber.

Pulse58 is going to be a unique project in this series due to the complete switch from a patrol engine. The reasonable cost of 99 950 euros makes this boat more attractive then those of the competitors.


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