Features and ways of rational use of mineral resources in Republic of Belarus when producing silicate materials

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Findings of the research into technological properties of basaltic rocks deposited in the Pinsk area of the Republic of Belarus and the possibility of their use for the synthesis of mineral fibers, glass, glass crystalline and ceramic materials are presented.

The experimental study of the basaltic rocks from the Novodvorsky deposit located in the Pinsk area (Brest region) demonstrated that their geological and structural position and material composition make them a promising domestic mineral for multipurpose exploitation as a component of a raw material composition to produce silicate materials.

The experimental study determined the main directions of basaltic rocks possible utilization to produce a wide range of silicate materials, which include the following: basalt fiber (coarse, fine, superthin); porous aggregate (Thermocomfort heat-insulating blocks, aggregate for light concrete; heat-insulating backfill material); glass (architectural, construction, art, high-quality, glassy coatings); glass-crystalline materials (petrositalls, stone casting); ceramic tiles (facing, front, porcelain tile).

The commercial development of the basalt deposit in the Republic of Belarus will allow expanding the mineral and raw material base of the silicate industry, making a significant contribution to solving pressing issues of import substitution and resource conservation.

S.E. Barantseva (1), A.I. Poznyak (2), O.A. Sergievich (1).
1) Belarusian State Technological University, Minsk, Republic of Belarus.
2) National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Moscow, Russia.

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Особенности и пути рационального использования минеральных ресурсов республики Беларусь при получении силикатных материалов


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