Fiber-reinforced mortars for floor screeds

Fiber-reinforced mortars for floor screeds
Credit: Рixabay

Fiber-reinforced mortars and concretes are one of the varieties that constitute extensive class of composite materials, which is increasingly being used in different industries.

Fiber reinforcement provides increasing the strength of sections in compression, plumbing-up and flexural structural members, increases their crack resistance, impact resistance, thermal and abrasion resistance, tensile strength, etc.

In some cases fiber reinforcement leads to a decrease in material consumption of structures, cost and labour intensity in comparison with traditional solutions.

Based on these studies, the following conclusions are drawn

To achieve maximum strength in the early stages of hardening, it is necessary to introduce minimum 30% basalt fiber in an amount of 0.4% in the mortar cement mix with fibers that are 5 mm long and 20 micron wide in diameter.

To achieve maximum strength of 28 day old cement-sand mortar with minimum 30% cement content, it is necessary to reinforce this mortar with basalt fiber that is 12 mm long and 20 micron wide in diameter.


Prof. Dr. Derevyanko, V.N.; postgraduate. Salamaha, L.V.Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Dnipro, Ukraine

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