Global composite rebar industry status and prospects for 2021-2027

Global composite rebar industry status and prospects, composite rebar market research, basalt rebar
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The report studies key players in the global composite rebar market and factors affecting its further growth.

The global composite rebar market was valued at $1822.81 million in 2020 and it is expected to grow with a CAGR of 1.62% from 2020 to 2027, based on HNY Research newly published report.

Composite rebar is produced by combining glass, carbon or basalt fibers with a polymer matrix. The material is lightweight making it easier to transport and install the products. Increased wear resistance, corrosion stability and resistance to constant humidity, sea water and alternating temperatures pushed up the demand for composite rebar in housing and road construction, overhaul and construction of bridges, tunnels and embankments

Composite rebar can also make structures earthquake-resistant and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which Puerto Rico decided to make the most of when constructing sports infrastructure.

The researchers analyzed the composite rebar market starting from 2016 by key indicators, including the major vendors, their products technical characteristics, cost and gross profit. The forecast has been drawn up to 2027, taking into account the competitive environment and restraints hindering the growth of major vendors.

The report highlights key segments of the global composite rebar market by the material types: fiberglass rebar (GFRP), basalr fiber rebar (BFRP), carbon fiber rebar (CFRP), and others. It covers geographical regions and applications ( Road Building, Bridges & Port, Underground Construction).

The list of Market Vendors is as follows:

• Aslan FRP
• Yuxing
• Galen
• Schoeck
• Nanjing Fenghui Composite
• Armastek
• BP Composites (TUFF-Bar)
• FiReP
• Dextra Group
• Shanghai KNP
• Fiberline
• Technobasalt
• Pultrall
• Tribeni Fiber
• Marshall Composite Technologies
• Fusite
• Pultron Composites
• Kodiak Fiberglass Rebar
• Sireg Geotech
• Hubei Yulong
• Captrad

Market key trends include growing demand, increased competition and continuous Innovations.


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