Greenhouses made of basalt rebar might appear in Armenia

Greenhouses made of basalt rebar might appear in Armenia
Credit: pixabay

Once the testing completed in France, greenhouse frameworks are expected to be assembled using basalt rebar. 

Western European investors inch toward a joint venture with Armenian partners. Near Lake Sevan, they are going to build a large greenhouse complex. 

Proprietary construction technologies offered by the Europeans will probably be strengthened by Armenian basalt plastic rebar. To make a final decision, an innovative material must be successfully tested in France.

Supplied by an Armenian company, basalt rebar will be used to assemble frames of greenhouses, says armeniasputnik.  

Basalt fiber rebar with polymer matrix is resistant to corrosion, chemical aggressive environment, constant high humidity and temperature changes. Basalt rebar is easy-to-move without special-purpose vehicles and easy-to-install due to light weight.

Fiber-reinforced composites are increasingly used in construction applications. Dedicated to the composites, Advanced Composites in Construction conference will be held in early fall in the UK.


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