GreenTech 2019: leading basalt fiber substrate manufacturers participated

GreenTech 2019: leading basalt fiber substrate manufacturers participated

During GreenTech 2019 RAI Amsterdam was a meeting place for all professionals involved in horticulture industry.

RAI Amsterdam Convention Center has witnessed growing international success of the 4th edition of GreenTech. The horticulture trade fair was held June 11th to 13th and attracted almost 20% more industry professionals than the previous years.

In total, 12,489 specialists from 114 countries took part in the trade fair. Almost 9 out of 10 visitors said they were sure to visit the trade fair the next year.

Three day long the attendees were sharing knowledge, business experience and discussing trends in the sector. Numerous innovative solutions and new products were at the focus during the trade fair.

Mariska Dreschler, GreenTech’s Director of Horticulture commented the event:

I am very pleased with the results of GreenTech 2019: there was a positive vibe, full aisles and a lot of attention for the knowledge session theatres. Lots of side events were organised and young talent was attracted to learn more about what the booming horticulture sector has to offer. Adding the new medicinal cannabis segment also proved to be a good step.

A special attention was paid to sustainable energy and water utilization, innovative solutions in cultivation and also in human capital development using modern technologies – robotics, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

Basalt fiber-based substrates have a great potential to introduce these initiatives into practice. The companies that showcased this type of material at the trade fair are as follows:

  • ROCKWOOL Group – under Grodan brand;
  • Shanghai ABM Rock Wool Dafeng CO.;
  • TechnoNicol Ltd – Speland stone wool substrate;
  • Cultilene from Saint-Gobain.

Moreover, Grodan’s e-Gro has won Innovation Awards 2019 in the category Concept Award. This is an award for an innovation which is not on the market yet and has the most potential to have a successful market introduction within 2 years.

You can get an impression about the atmosphere and the event as a whole by viewing the video about the trade fair.

The next GreenTech is going to be held June 8-9 2020 at the familiar venue, RAI Amsterdam Convention Center.


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