Grodan confirms green product certification

Grodan growing media, stone wool, recycling
Credit: Grodan

On completion of the audit, Grodan, stone wool substrate manufacturer was awarded EU Ecolabel extension to 2022.

Grodan, a part of the Rockwool Group, was awarded EU Ecolabel extension to 2022. After being awarded the EU Ecolabel in 2019, a yearly audit is part of the well-respected certification scheme.

This makes Grodan the only eco-labelled stone wool growing media available to professional horticulture growers, claims Grodan.

The EU label of environmental excellence was granted to Grodan and extended by the Competent Body, SMK, because

  • Grodan offers access to recycling solutions for 70% of its volume sold across EU member states;
  • Grodan products contain at least 30% recycled content.

The EU Ecolabel is an important measure to demonstrate how companies and their clients contribute to sustainability and transparency.

The EU Ecolabel is the ultimate quality check on our way of working. It underlines our drive to continuously reduce our environmental footprint, and acknowledges our contribution to the sustainable production of fresh produce,

says Sander van Golberdinge, PA Manager at Grodan.

The EU Ecolabel is also one of the requirements for growers who want to obtain another, independent environmental quality label: ‘On the way to PlanetProof’. This label guarantees consumers that a product is produced more sustainably and therefore better for nature, the environment, climate and animals.

Grodan produces its growing media from the natural material, basalt. Changing the amount of a nutrient water solution in a basalt substrate, they avoid water overruns and over-expenditure for delivery and purification. Stone wool can be reused and completely recycled when the life-span is over.

Stone wool substrate is a lightweight material, making it easier to transport and maintenance, meanwhile saving logistics costs and reducing greenhouse gas amount.

Established in 1992 by the initiative of the European Commission and recognised across Europe and worldwide, the EU Ecolabel is a label of environmental excellence that is awarded to products and services meeting high environmental standards throughout their life-cycle: from raw material extraction, to production, distribution and disposal.

The EU Ecolabel promotes the circular economy by encouraging producers to generate less waste and CO2 during the manufacturing process. The companies are motivated to develop products that are durable, easy to repair and recycle and the consumers – to make reasonable decisions about their purchases.


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