Hawaii completed feasibility study for continuous basalt fiber manufacturing operation

Feasibility study for continuous basalt fiber manufacturing operation on Hawaii
Volcano eruption on Hawaii. Credit: Adrian Malec, Pixabay

Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES) completed a state-funded market feasibility study for a Continuous Basalt Fiber (CBF) manufacturing operation on Hawaii Island.

PISCES contracted the study with defense and aerospace consulting firm SMA in March 2018 to determine whether such a venture could be profitable and benefit the local economy.

According to the research, Hawaii’s basalt meets the specific chemical profile needed to manufacture CBF.

Moreover, the researchers estimated global continuous basalt fiber market at around $100 million and expect it will double in the coming decade. According to Research and Markets, basalt fiber market size is estimated to be $ 227 million in 2019.

The comprehensive report shows:

  • the current global market demand for CBF;
  • manufacturing capabilities throughout the world;
  • the average market price for CBF products;
  • the estimated cost to build and operate a CBF plant on Hawaii Island;
  • a business model to operate a CBF facility;
  • the estimated cost comparison between CBF manufactured in Hawaii and other places in the world;
  • the potential number of jobs and wages a facility would provide.

The report (pdf)
Feasibility of Establishing a Continuous Basalt Fiber Plant in Hawaii County

PISCES has been working with Hawaiian basalt as a feedstock for ISRU (in-situ resource utilization) to create novel materials for sustainable products on Earth and in space.


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