High-strength basalt fiber asphalt concrete to surface roads in China

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Developed at Yangzhou University, basalt fiber asphalt concrete has been introduced into industry standards.

The research team from the Yangzhou University School of Architectural and Engineering Sciences, led by Professor Xiao Peng, has been working for eight years on developing high-strength basalt fiber asphalt concrete.

To obtain the optimal recipe for long-lasting road pavement mixture, the team carried out series of studies. Basalt fibers of various specifications were tested in different asphalt mixtures and in different pavement layers.

Once numerous experiments and tests were completed, the researchers obtained a material called High Strength Basalt Fiber Asphalt Concrete. The finished product got tested on Chinese roads covering several dozen thousands of kilometers.

The research work was awarded the gold medal in the finals of the 5th China Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition “Internet Plus”.

The research findings prove that basalt fiber enhances the resistance to asphalt concrete fatigue cracking by 2-8 times, the resistance to cracking at low temperatures by 15% -25%. The resistance to rutting increases by 20% -40%.

The cost of a novel basalt fiber asphalt concrete mixture exceeds a regular one. However, it should be offset by reduced road maintenance costs, including changes in transportation routes due to repairs.

The advent of the new material has also led to the introduction of an industry standard. Professor Xiao Peng’s team edited the Chinese Highway Society’s Standard “Fiber Reinforced Asphalt Concrete Pavement Technical Guide” and the Jiangsu Local Standard for Basalt Fiber Asphalt Pavement, which included the research and development of “High Strength Basalt Fiber Asphalt Concrete”.

In Ukraine, basalt fiber for the road industry was presented at the AvtodorEXPO International Forum. The ability to increase the road surface service life and to improve the properties of basalt fiber reinforced concrete is attracting more and more attention.

According to the global forecasts, basalt fiber reinforced concrete market is expected to grow at CAGR of 7.4% annually from 2018 to 2025.

Translated by Olga Yurchenko


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