Investigations of Tensile Behaviour of Basalt Fiber Composite

Исследование поведения базальтокомпозита при растяжении

In this work basalt fiber composite is fabricated with hand lay up process in three different compositions of fiber layers.

In recent years, both industrial and academic world are focussing their attention toward the development of sustainable composites, reinforced with natural fibres. In this present work, the tensile behaviour of basalt fiber composites were investigated.

The manufacturing of the composite is done by hand lay method. Morphological analysis were done by scanning electron microscopy. The objective was to study the effect of surface modifications and mechanical properties when tensile test and hardness test was performed on the fibre.

Tensile and hardness test were performed as per ASTM standard, and it is observed that composite 3 which contains three layers of basalt fibers has better tensile and hardness behavior.

From, the above result it can be suggested that the fabricated composites can be used for automotive applications and also as replacement for asbestos, high strength glass, silica, chemical resistant glass for industrial applications.

V.M. Manickavasagam, B.Vijaya Ramnath, S.Swaminathan, R. Sharan, S.Gowtham
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sri Sairam Engineering College, West tambaram

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