Laminate strength of basalt fibers in polyester resin

Laminate strength, reinforced with basalt fibers, engineering structures.

The objective of this research carried out at Reykjavik University Structural Research and Composite Center, (SEL), was to examine whether a composite material made of polyester resin reinforced with basalt fibers, could be used for engineering structures.

Basalt fibers are natural material produced from the igneous rock which can provide high strength relative to weight.

Specimens made of basalt fibers in polyester resin were constructed and tested according to the ASTM standards. Three types of test were done: Uniaxial tensile test, compression test, and in-plane shear test. The results were then compared to E-glass fabrics in epoxy resin.

The sum of the ultimate tensile strength of both directions (longitudinal 0° and transverse 90° direction) became 19.3% stronger in basalt fabric than the E-glass fabric. The ultimate tensile strain in the basalt fabric became more than 50% higher than in the E-glass fabric.

The results of the experiments in this research indicate that continuous basalt fibers, as reinforcement material in a polyester resin, can be used as a composite material for structural design. The static uniaxial tensile test showed that basalt fiber was stronger than E-glass fiber and basalt fiber could be used instead of these types of fibers.


E. R. Thorhallsson (1), J. Ó. Erlendsson (2)

(1) Reykjavik University, Civil Engineering Department, Menntavegur 1, Reykjavik, Iceland.
(2) VSB Consulting Engineers ltd, Bæjarhrauni 20, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

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Laminate strength of basalt fibers in polyester resin


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