Mineral wool anti-corrosion solution from ROCKWOOL wins award

Mineral wool anti-corrosion solution from ROCKWOOL wins award

Mineral wool technical insulation that contain WR-Tech technology is helping the oil and gas industry to overcome corrosion.

A new mineral wool ProRox® based on WR-Tech™ and developed by ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation has won Innovation of the Year Award in Materials Performance magazine, a publication of NACE International, the world’s leading authority on corrosion.  

From more than 50 nominations only 10 received the award, including WR-Tech. To be considered an innovation, nominated projects are required show the potential for a significant positive impact in corrosion control. The research findings and the winners were presented at NACE corrosion conference in the US.

ROCKWOOL solution is created to abate the scourge of oil and gas pipelines known as CUI (corrosion under insulation), which costs the oil & gas industry $250 billion a year.

Pipes corrode mainly due to water absorption in the insulation material. Companies suffer huge losses when have to fix damaged areas, control emergency damage caused by corrosion, waste money on idle time for equipment and plants.

WR-Tech™, a patent-pending water repellent technology provides 5x lower water absorption than the current best standard in mineral wool technical insulating products, says ROCKWOOL.

ProRox® products containing WR-Tech ™ are the only mineral wool products that are able to retain water repellency at +250 ° C.

Inorganic hydrophobic resin is used as a binder and coats each individual fiber of ROCKWOOL’s stone wool insulation during the production process. The binder distributes uniformly repelling water and mitigating the effects of corrosion under insulation (CUI).

These days basalt fiber-based products are increasingly being called as innovative and very promising. In 2018 flexible basalt composite wall ties won the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.