Mineral wool substrate: water loss and customized size

Mineral wool substrate: water loss and customized size
Credit: volga-rost

Volga-Rost substrate for hydroponic cultivation can be customized according to the required size and level of moisture loss (shrinkage).

Greenhouses are increasingly using mineral wool substrates. They are sterile and eco-friendly, not degradable but enable controlling water-air regime, cannot absorb and transform nutrient solutions.

Once the growing cycle completed, the mineral wool substrate can be sterilized and reused or completely recycled.

The Ulyanovsk Thermal Insulation Plant, which produces Volga-Rost mineral wool substrate, confirms that mineral wool substrates can be customized to meet customer’s requirements.

Following customers’ requests, the company specialists have developed substrate with higher level of moisture loss, in other words, it can dry out faster to prevent anaerobic pathogens from developing in the root system in humid environment.

Previously they had been working on other substrate types with specific aeration, drainability and moisture loss.

But it turned out that a size also matters! Using a client’s drawings, the company has produced a large batch of mineral wool substrate (plugs for growing lettuce) of non-standard geometrical sizes.

And the company has plenty of customers – over 50 greenhouses appreciated plugs, cubes and slabs made of stone wool.

Volga-Rost mineral wool substrate was certified in Europe, which confirms full compliance with the standards set by the European Union for this product type.

The certificate was issued by Germany’s Chamber of Agriculture, the State Agency for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

However, rebar to build greenhouses in Armenia is still awaiting for certification completion. But that’s another story


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