Motorhome having basalt composite body

Motorhome having basalt composite body

Basalt composite camper Triacа Concept 230 has become the first eco-friendly car in its class.

Roller Team unveiled a concept of innovative motorhome designed with the use of basalt composite and other eco-friendly solutions at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon trade show 2015.

The motorhome was created with a long-range goal in mind, focused on green technologies combined with contemporary design and wide functionality. The caper name TRIACA roughly translates to ‘Technology for Environmental Impact Reduction in Motorhomes’.

The concept was developed by Roller Team together with the universities of Florence and Sienna. They decided in favor of basalt fiber because it is cheaper than carbon fiber and stronger than fiberglass. Moreover, it is an easy-to-recyclable material.

The manufacturer says that basalt composite panels used for body side walls enabled the reduction of weight by 30%, though increased the body strength by 30%.

As for interior, they strove to make it the most environment friendly as possible so applied vegetable fibers and recycled plastic.

Designing the bathroom and the kitchen area, acrylic polymer-based composites were used as shock-resistant, easy-to-clean and fix materials.

The motorhome is a modular solution suitable for different requirements and number of travelers. An electric drive moves the pop-up roof that can be raised arranging another comfortable berth below.

Speaking of electricity: it is generated from motorhome solar panels and accumulated in floor mounted lithium-ion batteries.

Engineers developed this concept to feature well-known technologies and materials which are able to advance sustainable production. Versatile and affordable solutions allow reducing the weight and power consumption of established models, which is timely nowadays.

Roller Team is a powerful portfolio brand that belongs to Trigano Group considered the industry behemoth whose turnover exceeded one billion euros in 2015.

The first Light Car Open Source with a basalt composite body was developed by EDAG Engineering in 2009.