New basalt fiber products included in Myrdal Orthopedic range

New basalt fiber products included in Myrdal Orthopedic range

A Canada-based manufacturer enriches its product range with components and products made of basalt fiber, a sustainable material with excellent properties.  

Founded in 2000, Myrdal Orthopedic Technologies (MOT) gained well-deserved recognition as a provider of high-quality products and services in the field of orthopedics and prosthetics. The company’s founder, Patrick J. Myrdal, is a technology guru who is developing technological processes and products that enable MOT to maintain a high level of competitiveness.

The main quality that a leader should have is to move forward using the latest discoveries and innovations and readily respond to the uptrends. Recently, the range of products that the manufacturer uses in its own production and sell to the market has been enriched with basalt fiber-based products.

Clothes, unidirectional tapes and tubular braids made from basalt fiber and hybrids with flax have taken a place in the company’s line of offerings. These novelties correspond to Myrdal Orthopedic’s uncompromising quality metrics and trend towards product sustainability. There is also a basalt with lurex mix giving the final product a unique decorative effect.

According to the company, basalt fiber flexibility falls in the range between glass and carbon fiber making it an interesting and useful alternative to these traditional materials. To manufacture these new structural materials they use high-quality, sustainable and natural basalt fiber, produced from volcanic rock.

Experts working in the company made it clear why basalt fiber is suitable for prostheses manufacturing: it is safe in use, easy-to-process than glass, carbon and aramid fibers, compatible with all resins and other fibers. Products made of basalt fibers are lightweight, non-toxic and strong, durable, and cost-effective.

They also provide test data and comparative characteristics of hybrid composites based on carbon and basalt fibers. According to the research findings, mixes that contain basalt have significantly better flexural and tensile strengths.


US-located Coyote Design produces and successfully applies braided tapes, clothes and cords from the basalt fiber-based composites of its own design.


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