New electric melting system for rock wool production line commissioned in China

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An electric melting system for a modern production line is characterized by high production capacity with lower energy consumption.

Qingdao Green Power Equipment Company supplied and commissioned the machinery including an optimized electric furnace for melting to the production facility in Hebei, China. The annual production capacity is 40 thousand tons of rock wool products.

In total, Qingdao Green Power Equipment Company has put into operation over 130 production lines for basalt and mineral wool, including in Vietnam and Bulgaria. Among them, over 40 are using electric furnaces for melting.

Years of practical experience allowed the technical team to optimize design of electric melting system. This resulted in saving energy by 15% with improved operating rate, claim the company.

As environmental control is getting more strict in and out of China, Cupola melting system can not get installation permission from government in some area. Electric furnace will be good and only choice for investors, who plan to set up a mineral wool plant. Especially in countries where electricity is cheap,

says Bohao Qiao, an engineer from Qingdao Green Power Equipment Company.

Stone wool is used as thermal and sound insulation. Mats, slabs, sleeves for insulating civil and industrial constructions, pipelines and machinery are made from stone wool. This material is not combustible allowing for various applications in land, water and air transportation.

One more popular application of stone wool is greenhouse substrate and green “living walls”.


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