One more manufacturer uses basalt fabric to make surfboards

Basalt fabric for surfboards
Credit: Ocean House Surf в Facebook

US-based Ocean House Surf & Skate started to use basalt fabric for surfboards as a stringer material.

Ocean House Surf & Skate is located in Swampscott (MA) on the Northern coast. One of the city’s calling cards is beautiful beaches on the ocean.

For the surfers, the company offers various surfboards lines, clothes and equipment. Tim Oviatt, the company owner, makes some of the boards with his own hands.

A lot of leading manufacturers use basalt fabric for surfboards, skateboards and skis. Recently, Tim has demonstrated how to use basalt fabric strips as a reinforcing component (a stringer).

Nevertheless, we asked Ocean House Surf & Skate about impression that basalt fiber made on them, and here is their comment:

I’ve used it as a strip up the center to replace the stringer. I’ve also seen others use it woven into fiberglass as a sheet that gets wrapped around the board.

Basalt has some different qualities compared to carbon that make it great for surfboard construction. It has vibration dampening and impact resistance that makes it a great product among other reasons. It is also less expensive.

One more manufacturer uses basalt fabric to make surfboards
Credit: Ocean House Surf в Facebook

Many sports goods manufacturers are attracted with the possibility of recycling basalt composites. For instance, Niche snowboard manufacturer that received prizes for the product quality.

Translated by Olga Yurchenko


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