Properties of 3D-printed fiber-reinforced Portland cement paste

3D-printed fiber-reinforced Portland cement

First insights into a 3D-printed composite of Portland cement paste and reinforcing short fibers (carbon, glass and basalt fibers, 3-6 mm) are presented, resulting in novel materials that exhibit high flexural (up to 30 MPa) and compressive strength (up to 80 MPa).

Alignment of the fibers, caused by the 3D-printing process is observed, opening up the possibility to use the print path direction as a means to control fiber orientation within the printed structures.

Apart from completely dense cementitious bodies, hierarchically structured bodies, display in precisely adjusted macroporosity, are presented, the latter exhibiting a unique combination of strength and materials efficiency.


Manuel Hambach, Dirk Volkmer*
Chair of Solid State and Materials Chemistry, University of Augsburg, Augsburg 86159, Germany

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Properties of 3D-printed fiber-reinforced Portland cement paste


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