RCAM Technologies included in top additive manufacturing startups impacting the energy industry

Top additive manufacturing startups impacting the energy industry
Credit: Oimheidi с сайта Pixabay

Analysts from StartUs Insights picked top additive manufacturing solutions able to impact the development of the global energy industry.

They have looked into 109 startups to pick just four, according to StartUs Insight, the most relevant solutions for energy industry that use additive manufacturing.

Top four included RCAM Technologies, a startup that is developing a 3D printing technology using basalt fiber reinforced concrete to build wind turbine foundations.

In addition to more time- and cost-effective manufacturing of wind turbines foundations, this method makes it possible to build ultra-high towers that increase performance of wind powers turbines.

The application of basalt fiber in the marine environment is highly justified because this material is resistant to corrosion caused by salty media.

A lot of research looking into properties and applications of basalt fiber reinforced concrete prove the prospects of this material for the marine industry.

Moreover, basalt fiber reinforced concrete has a higher toughness and better tensile and bending strength. So, it can be used for building and strengthening of concrete structures, for example, nuclear power plants, bridges, highways and runways.

By applying fiber reinforced concrete and additive technology, transportation and logistics issues can be solved out, energy consumption reduced and construction can be less time intensive. Actually, RCAM Technologies stresses the above facts by developing its project.


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