A Review on Recent Applications and Future Prospectus of Hybrid Composites

Applications and Future Prospectus of Hybrid Composites, combinations of high-strength and high-modulus basalt and carbon fibers, Basalt reinforcing blades
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In recent times hybrid composites have been established as highly efficient, high performance structural materials and their use is increasing rapidly.

Hybrid composite materials have extensive engineering application where strength to weight ratio, low cost and ease of fabrication are required.

Hybrid composites provide combination of properties such as tensile modulus, compressive strength and impact strength which cannot be realized in composite materials.

Hybrid composites are usually used when a combination of properties of different types of fibres have to be achieved, or when longitudinal as well as lateral mechanical performances are required.

The investigation of the novel applications of hybrid composites has been of deep interest to the researchers for many years as evident from reports.

For instance, the wind-power engineering is a priority area of energy generation due to its resource-saving and ecologically safe. The power cost primary is determined substantially by basic power element – blades.

At present hybrid fibers (carbon, glass) are mainly used for fabrication of the blades, whereas the works for reinforcing of epoxy matrices with basalt and other fibers are known. The task of cost reduction may be solved through application of the less expensive materials in comparison with carbon fibers.

For blade creation an application of new composite hybrid material is suggested on the basis of epoxy matrixes, strengthened by mullite-like crystals, as well as – on combinations of high-strength and high-modulus basalt and carbon fibers. Basalt reinforcing element of a composite was prepared on the basis of Georgian raw materials.

The problem consists in a partial or total substitution of expensive carbon fiber in the material. An application of hybrid reinforcing fibers and of strengthened matrix will permit a considerable reduction of the blade cost without significant loss of physical-mechanical properties of the materal.

Gururaja M N, A N Hari Rao.

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