Schunk adopts continuous composite fiber 3D printing technology

Schunk использует технологией 3D-печати непрерывным композитным волокном
Источник: Anizoprint

Schunk Carbon Technology is applying Anizoprint’s technology and software to 3D print using continuous composite fiber.

A division of the Schunk Group (Germany), Schunk Carbon Technology has adopted Anizoprint’s 3D printers, materials and software.

USA-based Schunk Carbon Technology is a developer and producer of carbon and ceramic solutions for high-temperature applications, the automotive and small motor sectors.

It uses co-extrusion technology (CFC) of 3D printing continuous-fiber reinforced composites to prototype and manufacture its custom tools.

We are using the Anisoprint Composer for printing demonstrators and tools for our production. The Composer does a good job! It works precisely and reliably, and together with its slicing software ‘Aura,’ it forms a capable tool,

says Gotthard Nauditt, R&D engineer for composites.

Anizoprint’s patented co-extrusion  technology enables production of strong, light and cost-effective products from continuous fiber reinforced polymers. Once the company developed composite carbon fiber, it launched composite basalt fiber into the market.

Anisoprint’s Aura software makes it easy for users to prepare 3D models for printing by generating reinforcing fiber trajectories in each layer of the print. It also allows users to adjust and control the reinforcement scheme so that parts can meet strength and weight requirements.


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