Seawater-Mixed Concrete – A New Class of Sustainable Concrete: webinar from American Concrete Institute

Seawater-Mixed Concrete, webinar, concrete, sustainable

On August 5-6, the webinar will discuss the potential of seawater to replace fresh water in a concrete mix, and the audience will get detailed understanding of all the aspects related to seawater-mixed concrete.

As you know, fresh water is a finite resource and it is easier and cheaper to use seawater that is abundant on the planet instead of such valuable fresh water. However, sea water is an aggressive environment that can corrode conventional steel rebar. That means, seawater-mixed concrete should be used either in unreinforced applications or together with non-corrosive reinforcement.

According to the organizers, the latter possibility becomes more feasible with advances, cost reductions, and greater usage of non-corrosive reinforcement.

This webinar consists of talks from ten speakers around the world who are intending to provide audience with a detailed understanding of the materials science, chemistry, and civil engineering of seawater-mixed concrete and cover topics such as Roman marine concrete, properties of low-CO2 binders mixed with seawater, fresh and hardened properties of seawater-mixed concrete, and performance of non-corrosive reinforcement in seawater-mixed concrete.

This webinar will provide audience with an understanding of the state-of-the-art regarding seawater-mixed concrete and how and where it can be used.

Further information about the webinar, payment and registration is available on the website of the American Concrete Institute.


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