Stone wool mats to control vibrations applied in Stockholm railway tunnel

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Stone wool vibration control mats are used for succssessful attenuation of ground-borne vibration.

To protect people and buildings from ground-borne vibration and noise caused by rail transport ( tramways, subways, main lines and high-speed lines), stone wool vibration control mats can be used.

Rockdelta stone wool resilient mats have been successfully used for new lines of Stockholm City Line. The attenuation of ground-borne vibration had a high priority in the project implemented in the central part of Swedish capital as the granite through which the tunnel was blasted well transmits vibration.

Rockdelta stone wool resilient mats that can bear up to 20 tons per m2 were installed at the base of the rail track superstructure to achieve vibration attenuation of 20 dB. The total area of resilient mats made of natural stone wool is 60,000 square meters. This is one of the largest projects were Lapinus products are used.

In the main part of the tunnel mats with a thickness of 50 mm were installed. In the section underneath the historic church mats with a thickness of 85 mm were applied to control ground-borne vibration and protect the structure.

Fire-safety is a major aspect in favour of stone wool application, especially to use inside the tunnels. The non-flammable basalt (stone) fiber is insensitive to weather conditions and harsh environment allowing for long life-span. Rockdelta mats are maintenance free and their tested and certified life expectancy is more than 50 years, claims the manufacturer.

Lapinus, part of Rockwool Group developed a line of products to control vibration caused by different rail transport systems:

• Rockdelta RB for ballasted tracks
• Rockdelta RX for slab tracks
• Rockdelta RG for all track types

В отличии от утеплителя из базальтовой ваты или субстрата для гидропоники, маты Rockdelta разработаны с учётом потребностей и условий эксплуатации железных дорог, проверены и сертифицированы отраслевыми лабораториями по стандартам материалов для рельсового транспорта.

Unlike stone wool insulation or hydroponics substrate, Rockdelta mats are designed to meet the needs and high-performance requirements of railway systems, they were tested and certified by recognised laboratories in the industry according to the most relevant material and railway application standards.


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