Stone wool substrate was put into production in Uzbekistan

Stone wool substrate was put into production in Uzbekistan
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Agro-substrate AGROWOOL made of stone wool was put into production by Javohir Grand Biznes.  

AGROWOOL stone wool substrate line consists of plugs, cubes and slabs. They are designed for different stages of plant growing using hydroponic cultivation in greenhouses.

The substrate has been tested in the Netherlands in the specialized laboratory called Groen Agro Control. The final report confirmed AGROWOOL’s compliance with European standards for water content, stone wool density, chemical elements, EC in mS / m and pH 6.3.

This substrate is made of hydrophilic stone wool, ensures better control over plant growth, optimal water and fertilizers consumption and maintains the specified food regime and pH. AGROWOOL is inert, hydrophilic, chemically and mechanically stable, this substrate neither change its properties during lifespan nor absorb nutrients, it is not a pathogenic material, which is is easy to control,

says Sanzhar Sultanov, head of JSC Uzmetkombinat’s Basalt Production Department.

Javohir Grand Biznes (Uzbekistan) produces basalt thermal insulation products (cylinders, shells, mats and slabs). Company’s entry into the agro-substrate market will allow modern agro-substrates to get into domestic market, Central Asia, and boost export.

The project is financed by Javohir Grand Biznes’ own funds and credits from Uzpromstroybank bank. Experts from Uzmetkombinat JSC (Uzbekistan), Sverdlovsk Uralchimplast, Belgorod Design Company RSV took part in the project.

Stone wool substrates have become a global trend lately. When applied, they allow for saving resources by growing flowers, vegetables and green products all-year-round.

Greenhouse farmers are trying to use the space with maximum efficiency, constructing greenhouses in the vicinity of consumers. This results in saving on shipping and minimizing losses during transportation and storage.

In Europe, substrates have been long used for growing plants and recently they have turned into a tool for creating green walls and vertical gardens. They make the space better and improve air quality in rooms and urban spaces.


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