Strong basalt fiber cases for string instruments

Защитные кейсы с базальтовым волокном для струнных

Guitars, banjo and violins are possible to take on a safe journey thanks to the tough basalt fiber cases.

Since 2001 KARURA Case Company has been manufacturing protective travel cases for expensive and often rare musical instruments. The company range includes both carbon (CFRP) and hybrid (carbon/basalt) cases.

Basalt fibers added to carbon fibers made cases more affordable without quality loss.

The product quality, if anything, is a highest priority in the company. All the cases combine hand-craftsmanship with quality assurance in extreme conditions, providing reliable protection from moisture and dust, temperature extremes and deformation.

Karura’s in-house laboratory ensures their products can withstand 1000 kg of pressure and a fall from a two-meter height at 16 angles to a concrete floor without any damage to the musical instrument inside.

Any Karura composite travel case for string musical instruments is almost 40% lighter than fiberglass. Carbon fiber cases weigh about 4.5 kg, hybrid with basalt fiber – 5 kg.

The company was founded by David Forman, who worked as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry for 20 years and who has been aware of basalt fiber strength characteristics. 


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