Technobasalt-Invest LLC announces a competition for basalt fiber-based composite products

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The participants of the Basalt Composite Challenge are to come with an idea of composite products that can be produced under factory conditions.

The Basalt Composite Challenge is a great opportunity for the youth to showcase a scope of skills in the field of Material Science, invent new composite materials and get rewarded for the best idea.

The organizers are inviting students pursuing a Bachelor or Master degree, studying post-graduate programs at any year of study, course of instruction and department of Ukrainian universities. Three-person teams (or fewer) are allowed to participate.

To succeed in the competition, a participant must have a general idea of:

✔ basalt fiber production;
✔ basic properties of basalt fibers;
✔ features of basalt fibers;
✔ advantages and disadvantages of basalt fibers;
✔ current scope of basalt materials application.

The organizers launched the competition with a goal to expand the scope of applications for basalt fiber-based materials and structures.

The participants are faced with the task to come up with a new basalt fibers solution that is possible to manufacture under factory conditions.


  • solutions must be relevant (in demand);
  • non-standard and original basalt fiber solutions will be encouraged;
  • the ideas for composite products should be justified (it is desirable to provide photos, drawings, graphs, diagrams, figures, diagrams, calculations, etc.);
  • solutions can be manufactured under factory conditions.

Technobasalt-Invest LLC is a sponsor of the project. It is a Ukrainian continuous basalt fiber producer, one of the three world leaders in this industry. The company has been engaging in technological development and new materials implementation since 2004.

Prize pool:
I place – 5000 UAH.
II place – 3000 UAH.
III place –2000 UAH.

Those who are wishing to participate, please follow the link to register with deadline – April 7th 2020. The detailed terms are available on Technobasalt-Invest site.

New basalt fiber solutions are researched and developed worldwide, being able to compete successfully in different international competitions. For example, the project from Peterseim Strickwaren for protecting submerged marine structures from fouling using basalt knits won the Techtextil Innovation Award in the New Application category and was a runner-up of the Innovationspreis Thüringen competition.

Anisoprint’s 3D basalt fiber composite printing technology led the team to the victory in Non-Polymer System segment of TCT Hardware Award 2019.

A basalt fiber jacket called Rossignol Atelier Course JKT has become a gold winner of ISPO Award 2017.

Translated by Olga Yurchenko


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