The 22nd International Conference on Composites Materials will be held in Melbourne

22-я Международная конференция по композитным материалам пройдет в Мельбурне

The conference topic for ICCM22, which will be held between August 11-16, 2019, is “Advanced Composites: Research to Impact”.

International Conference on Composites Materials (ICCM) is the premier international conference in the field of composite materials, and covers polymer matrix composites, metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites, natural fibre composites, fibre metal laminates, fibres and resins and all the other classes of composites.

ICCM22 provides a forum for the presentation, exchange and discussion of the latest research into composite materials and their applications.

The conference theme for the ICCM22 is “Advanced Composites: Research to Impact”, with the objective of exploring the latest research into composite materials and how they will be used in the future covering multiple applications including aerospace, construction, wind energy, automotive, electronics and so on.

ICCM22 includes plenary talks, keynote lectures, oral and poster presentations, site visits, and an entertaining social program for delegates from around the world.

The conference program included reports on basalt fiber and basalt-based composites:

  • Effect of Temperature on Impact Behaviour of Polyamide 6/Woven Basalt Fibres Laminates — Russo Pietro, National Council of Research.
  • Tailoring Interfacial Adhesion in Basalt Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites — Maria Carolina Seghini, Sapienza-Università di Roma.
  • Gamma-Ray Shielding property of Tungsten/Basalt Fiber Reinforced Epoxy matrix Composites Fabricated by Two Tungsten Hybrid Ways — Ran Li, Institute of Aerospace Material and Technology.
  • Factors Governing the Tensile Strength of Basalt Fibre — Dan Xing, The Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The strength of seven commercial basalt fibres was studied and compared, and the factors affecting the tensile strength of these fibres were investigated.
  • Tidal Turbine Blade Composites Using Basalt Fibre Reinforced Powder Epoxy — Conchur Bradaigh, University of Edinburgh.
  • Synthesis of New Peptides Based in Natural and Non Natural Aminoacids Possessing à la Carte Polarities for Surface Modification of Natural Fibers — Iván Rivilla, Basque Country University. In this work, we present a new route to modify basalt fibers based on the synthesis of peptides, natural and unnatural, through ring-opening polymerization process.
  • Functionalization of Basalt Fibers by Hydrothermal Growth of Zinc Oxide Nanostructures — Matteo Lilli, Sapienza University Of Rome Chemical. Morphological and mechanical analysis of basalt fibres decorated with zinc oxide nanostructures through a hydrothermal process at different growth times.


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