The best skis with basalt fiber of 2020

best skis with basalt fiber of 2020, basalt fiber application, skis
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Experts and ski testers determine the best skis of the season in various categories annually. The skis with basalt fiber have been included into the top ski reviews.

Basalt is now a usual ski sandwich component in the product ranges of some key sport goods producers.

Manufacturers apply basalt fiber to add dampening properties, to provide strength and torsional stiffness. In addition, many sports goods manufacturers are looking into more eco-friendly materials than carbon and glass fiber.

According to Freeskier, the list of 21 best all-mountain skis of 2020 includes a few models with continuous basalt fiber in its design.

For example, powerful and stable “brothers” Salomon QST 99 and Salomon QST 92 with hybrid carbon/basalt composite in the core construction designed to assert utter dominance on any terrain challenge.

The list includes Lib Tech UFO 95, equipped with Lib Tech’s patented Magne-Traction serrated edges.

Lib Tech team is a strong supporter of efficient, eco-friendly materials and non-waste technologies. They have been applying successfully basalt fiber in their products: surfboards, snowboards and skis.

One more addition to the list – a novelty Rossignol Black Ops 98. The company does not disclose the design specs for the skis. But we know that they have already incorporated basalt fiber for their skis, bicycles and even clothes lines so we can only guess weather they used it for Ops 98 or not.

For high slopes Freeskier included in the list a new version of Salomon QST 106 with a sandwich core made of poplar and basalt / carbon.

In the review Rossignol Soul 7 HD is positioned as one of the most popular options for skiers on the planet. A carbon-basalt diagonal weave is incorporated into the ski from tip to tail to control vibrations and provide unique strength.

And again, Lib Tech with UFO 105 which was created for freestyle riders. Magne-Traction technology and basalt fiber offer the skiers fantastic hovering over the fresh and extra grip with the surface.
Take a look at Lucas Wachs, a creator of these skis. Pure joy just to see how he is skiing!

Outdoor Gear Up recommends Rossignol Men’s Experience 88 Basalt All Mountain Skis as the best for beginners. Lightweight, comfortable, with excellent stability, maneuverability and reliable speed control.

While advising the best women’s skis, different resources focus on the lines having basalt fiber in the design.

For example, SKI Magazine’s list includes QST Lux 92 highly-estimated by ski testers. Designed according to new technologies, Salomon’s Ti Power has a tip-to-tail blend of carbon fiber and basalt. And in Salomon’s Aira 80 Ti, the manufacturer successfully implemented carbon and flax blend.

The experts from Freeskier advise ladies to look to Salomon QST Lumen 99, which along with the entire QST line, was updated structurally and technologically, but retained a carbon-basalt blend in the design.

According to the oldest American skier’s magazine, Powder Magazine, the best women’s skis include:

  • Salomon QST Stella 106, where the power of carbon fiber is balanced with basalt to retain damping properties and absorb vibration.
  • Instinct Pretty Savage with a wood core fortified with three ballistic fabrics: basalt, Kevlar, and Spectra.

I would also like to mention the choice of the legendary skier Cody Townsend. His favorite models are Salomon QST 118 and Salomon QST 106 with basalt fiber. And you can appreciate his incredible skiing style here:

Translated by Olga Yurchenko


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