The first electric vehicle in basalt fiber bodywork

The first electric vehicle in basalt fiber bodywork

The EDAG concept has broken the ground as it first suggested basalt fiber as a material for the automotive industry.

In 2009 at the International Geneva Motor Show, Germany-located EDAG Engineering unveiled their original (at that time) prototype of Light Car Open Source designed using basalt composite bodywork.

Back at that time the engineers were tying the future of the automotive industry with disruptive technologies capable of creating by far the most economical, light weight and recyclable vehicles.   

EDAG Light Car was equipped with an electric drive system and lithium-ion batteries. It could run 150 kilometers on one charge. The designers also used organic light emitting diodes (OLED).

It was the unique concept partly due to the bodywork made of basalt fiber that is lightweight, durable and fully recyclable material supplied by ASA.TEC. 

Involving a number of automotive industry system suppliers to common work, turned up in a dream car prototype, which combined materials and technologies that were at the beginning of their active implementation.