Uzbekistan building infectious diseases hospitals using basalt composites

infectious diseases hospitals in Uzbekistan, basalt mesh, basalt composites
Construction of a infectious disease hospital in Zangiata district

Uzbekistan is building special-purpose infectious disease hospitals to treat patients infected with COVID-19 and quarantine facilities.

To this date, 300 infections of coronavirus have been confirmed in Uzbekistan, but the authorities are trying to be proactive about addressing the problem, building infectious hospitals at an accelerated pace.

Two largest hospitals will be located in the Tashkent region. Mega Invest Industrial is a supplier of basalt reinforcement mesh which is being used in the construction activity. Two production lines of this plant are involved in the manufacturing of basalt fiber, roving, filaments, as well as rebar and reinforcement mesh.

Basalt composites are lightweight material making it easy to transport in large quantities, move around the construction site and assemble. Reinforcement basalt mesh is strong and durable, resistant to corrosion, aggressive media and temperature extremes. It is also dielectric and magnetically transparent.

The new infectious diseases hospitals will be located throughout Uzbekistan, ten in total number. Meanwhile existing medical facilities are being converted into infectious hospitals.

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic affected major annual international events, including JEC World, which was canceled in 2020.


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