Uzbekistan set to establish new stone wool manufacturing facility

stone wool production, basalt insulation, mineral wool insulation

Business circles from the Netherlands have shown interest in setting up manufacturing facility for the production of stone wool and stone-wool based materials.

Eco Basalt LLC (Uzbekistan) in cooperation with Dutch partners will realize the investment project for basalt into stone wool processing. The plant will be located in Namangan region, Chust district.

The facility has to produce stone wool and other composite products from basalt super thin fiber. Erez Trust Management and FMO, the Netherlands Enterprise Development Bank, expressed interest in collaborating.

The development of the construction industry, raising the standards for energy efficiency and fire safety contribute to the growing demand for basalt insulation.

Stone wool products are widely used in the automotive, shipbuilding and engineering industries. An emerging trend for green technologies and completely recyclable materials is another driver having impact on ever growing use of basalt insulation.

The manufacturing facility for continuous basalt fiber and basalt-fiber based composites, launched in Uzbekistan in 2017, is also successfully developing. It is planned to put into operation the third facility stage that will produce basalt fiber rebar, basalt composite mesh and basalt roving.

Translated by Olga Yurchenko


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