Zünd to showcase digital mechanical and laser cutting solutions at К 2019

Zünd to showcase digital mechanical and laser cutting solutions at К 2019
Credit: twitter.com/zundcutter

Zünd together with Zünd Eurolaser is providing industry experts with an opportunity to experience and discuss the possibilities of mechanical cutting as well as non-contact laser cutting.

This will give attendees a chance to compare the two processing methods in terms of their suitability for their own specific cutting needs.

Zünd modular digital cutting solutions are ideal for use in industrial environments, the company says. During К 2019 trade fair in Dusseldorf, Zünd will present mechanical cutting systems and non-contact laser cutting method.

Each cutting method has the advantages over the other and specific requirements dictate what to choose. However, in certain scenarios, the two processes do not compete at all, but actually complement one another, increasing performance.

Digital cutting systems from Zünd and Eurolaser do have a lot in common: both systems are highly versatile. If production requirements demand it, each can be equipped for both types of processing capabilities.

Having open interface, the Zünd G3 can be quickly and easily integrated into any existing production environment. Due to the software solutions Zünd offers, users are perfectly equipped to handle the vast and varied demands of challenging markets.

The software automatically optimizes contours and adjusts cut paths for the type of material and specific tool being used.

Zünd Cutters can cut various materials: prepregs, dry fabrics, core materials, and finished laminates. It doesn’t matter what fiber type is used whether it is rock wool or basalt fiber, carbon or glass fiber, aramide, hard foam or honeycomb.


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