Amer Yachts is looking to make the switch for basalt fiber

Amer Yachts is looking to make the switch for basalt fiber
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Amer Yachts, a well-known yacht builder, has entered into cooperation agreement with GS4C in a move to replace fiberglass with basalt fiber in its yacht structure.

Italian Amer Yachts strives to ditch fiberglass in favor of basalt fiber with intent to establish sustainable manufacture for the next generation yachts.

They will use enriched basalt fiber Filava by Isomatex as a structural material. This is a fully recyclable material compared to fiberglass.

Physico-mechanical and chemical properties of basalt fibers are superior to fiberglass. On top of all, basalt fiber is non-combustible and can be completely recycled at the end of the life cycle, producing the initial material that offers the same excellent properties.

The first step is an agreement with GS4C, the exclusive agent of Isomatex for the material in Europe. GS4C or «Go Sailing, for a Change» is committed to sustainable development and cradle-to-cradle economy and use eco-friendly recyclable basalt fiber and basalt fiber-based composites.

Amer Yachts’ road-map for switching to basalt fiber is ready. The Italian Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment (ENEA) and the certification company RINA are considering certification of Filava-based basalt composite. The yacht building shipyard along with its partners are developing mechanisms for the transition to this new material.

All the details will be available at Genoa International Yacht Show, which will be held September 19 to 24, 2019.

The ideas of a circular economy and reducing impact on the environment by developing and implementing advanced composites are relevant in Europe. A ship block made of fiber reinforced polymer was demonstrated in France within the first stage of a large international project FIBRESHIP.


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