China is purchasing basalt fiber nonwoven tissue production line

Китай закупает оборудование для производства нетканых материалов из базальтового волокна
Источник: pixabay

The finished products will be delivered primarily for the Chinese composite market.

German Lipex Engineering GmbH, a supplier of the basalt fiber nonwoven tissue production line, has recently completed negotiations with a Chinese partner. The customer will receive the line in 2019, and the operations are scheduled to start in early 2020.

This deal is in parallel with China’s focus on ever growing use of basalt fiber that has been observed over the last years. The production line purchased from a well-known equipment and technology supplier for the glass fiber industry proves intention to achieve high level of productivity and product quality.

This line is able to produce basalt fiber nonwoven tissue with a running speed up to 180 m/min with the yearly capacity of the line more than 140 million square meters, says NetComposites.