Covestro to showcase new solutions for lightweight structural materials in Paris

армированные непрерывным волокном, термопласты, композиты для автомобилестроения, композиты для ветроэнергетики, композиты в строительстве

Covestro will be showcasing a range of new lightweight structural materials and solutions at JEC World 2020

Fiber-reinforced composites are gaining momentum in the modern world. This is actually not surprising since all the sectors are in need of lightweight and high-strength materials. And this is a global trend.

Composite materials increasingly find new applications, replacing traditional materials globally. New solutions, new properties constantly appear, extending application range.

Covestro has been developing materials and solutions for the composite industry for many years. The company specialists are constantly enhancing energy-saving and resource-saving composites for the electronics, construction, wind energy and other industries.

Along with cost-efficient production technologies, this constitutes key components of Covestro’s sustainable development concept.

At the international composite trade show JEC World 2020 in Paris, the manufacturer will be showcasing lightweight, strong, aesthetic materials and efficient production technologies.

You know, the global spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 forced the organizers of JEC World 2020 to postpone the start of the global composite event.

JEC World 2020 will be held 12-14 May 2020.

Covestro will be showcasing a new composite technology there that is used to manufacture particularly thin, lightweight, high-strength, yet aesthetic components on an industrial scale. It is continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic polymers (CFRTP) based on polycarbonate. Covestro is manufacturing bands and sheets under the name Maezio for further processing by customers.

The electronics and automotive are considered to be the main end-users, given their need in thin cases for laptops and smartphones, lightweight and robust vehicle components.

These components can be produced from CFRTP sheets in a one-step process, which reduces cycle times and, consequently, cost. New materials are 15% more lightweight than magnesium alloys and allow the manufacturer to apply textures to the surface, making the final product more attractive.

Covestro will also bring other thermoplastic composite systems to Paris that can be used for the automotive, facade systems and wind turbine blades.

The company will also present Baybond range of aqueous polyurethane dispersion to optimize fiber reinforcement. They are used as filmforming agents and binders for composites based on thermoplastic and thermosetting matrices reinforced with basalt fiber, glass fiber, carbon, natural or other fiber types.

Translated by Olga Yurchenko


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