Luxury catamarans built using basalt and linen fibers introduced to Sunreef Yachts range

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Credit: Sunreef Yachts

Sunreef Yachts, a market leader in luxury catamarans, focuses heavily on sustainable products.  It prefers “green” compositions based on hybrid fabrics made of basalt and linen fibers as a structural material for hulls, superstructures and eco-catamaran furniture.

These materials are lightweight and recyclable, moreover, no greenhouse gases and toxic wastes are released during the fabrication process.

The experts highly estimate the operational properties of basal fibers: mechanical strength, both corrosion and heat resistance and also incombustibility. Basalt fiber is used for the manufacture of structural composites, as well as for sound and thermal insulation, and vibration damping.

Founded in a city of Gdansk in 2002, Sunreef Yachts is renowned for its luxurious customized catamarans, which are built using the most modern technologies. Switching to “green” technologies has no implications for exceptional aesthetics, the best comfort and safety of these “floating villas”.

Catamarans from Sunreef Yachts Eco carry sails, either battery electric propulsion systems or hybrid engines to reduce the environmental footprint. Energy efficiency is also provided by solar panels, hydro generators or wind generators, which can be installed in addition to the main engines to replenish the battery charge.

Eco-friendly and recyclable materials are used for interior decor, sails, and bottom coating. The system of water purification and rainwater collection eliminates the need for plastic containers.

High-quality thermal insulation reduces costs for heating, and intelligent energy management regulates all processes in such a way that passengers can fully enjoy a comfort lulled by the sound of waves – after all, the engines of catamarans are silent.

More and more shipbuilders share the philosophy of sustainability, and the choice in favour of basalt fiber as an eco-friendly alternative to glass and carbon is becoming more popular. For example, the composite frame of the Pulse58 electric boat was made from basalt and linen fibers, Amer Yachts decided to replace fiberglass with basalt, and Windelo catamarans are made from basalt fiber.


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