Nearly indestructible basalt-fiber reinforced bioceramic domes might appear in Las Vegas

basalt fiber reinforced ceramic, ceramic composites

The domes made of bioceramic reinforced with hemp and basalt fiber mesh are extremely strong, sustainable and cost-effective, the designers claim.

Las Vegas authorities are taking measures to solve homeless crises. In 2019 the City Council voted to pass an ordinance virtually criminalizing those who sleep outdoors. However, they are trying to find solutions and provide those in need with a roof over their heads.

The startup Geoship submitted a proposal to the county, offering to build a transitional housing complex for the homeless. Their project raised the investments from a big name company Zappos and secured the support of the City Repair Project, the Buckminster Fuller Institute and others.

Geoship offers to build geodesic domes – a bioceramic structure made of panels reinforced with hemp and basalt fiber mesh. Each dome is built using triangular panels that are welded together via the bioceramic’s self-gluing properties. It is possible to build homes of various sizes, to combine separate domes into complexes.

Credit: Geoship

To produce reinforced ceramic composites the designers are going to use natural, non-toxic, recyclable components. The matrix is made of phosphate recycled from wastewater. Basalt fiber and hemp reinforced mesh help avoid cracking and made the construction strong and sound.

Geodesic bioceramic domes are non-combustible, able to withstand temperatures up to 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit (1,260 ° C), according to the company. This is in parallel with the research carried out in Italy, in which a fireproof basalt-fiber reinforced ceramic composite was developed and tested.

Dome structures can resist hurricanes due to the shape, insects and earthquakes, and do not absorb water. The startup claims this type of building is nearly indestructible, having a shelf life of over 500 years.

Moreover, the production cost is almost half the price of traditional construction, being more eco-friendly. In our opinion, it is a very interesting project that is sure to be followed by the professionals from different industries.

Translated by Olga Yurchenko


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